Friday, December 26, 2008

sweet g loss and season's grievings

Here’s to the new year’s revolution of cancelling all resolutions.
For most things solve themselves in astounding universal precision
While you are out there making custom-made forecasts.
In this festive house, the fetid smell of hope lingers on.
It is the season to be lonely.
Sugary gloss
is actually loss
glazed with the seasonal consonant -the initial of grief-
as you carol away the ones you have lost
in gold-sprinkled, rhyming silence,
and watch memories parade,
a veteran, one-legged lead soldiers’ army.
Oops! Here’s one that crippled away from your way,
And another one that lost the desire to carry away,
And yet one more who expired his last breath while exploring your way. Help! Officer down...
A star for each one of the beloved ones that have shot themselves away skywards
And of those who haven’t shown up yet, but will be lost as soon as they shine on you.
Found and lost stars
make a sparkling, fine decoration for your Christmess tree.
Top it with the shooting love you have been following lately to a dark, freezing desert
And then set it all on fire to warm up the treason season.
It is the minority who gains some and loses more
and as an minimalist you should cherish this, more or less.
So drink up your gluhwein
And do not regret for giving wrong directions to the Magi.
None would want three strangers offering gifts
to any child born in such unsafe times.
Exorcise the Silent Night, mute the jingling bells
And hear the true night’s music fall through
In Christmas-minor.


αγης said...

paradise is a point of view, and so is hell
just pick a perspective and bataboom!! you're there
or don't... you can also be the observer
all is a matter of choices - we are the product of our choices

but the mostest fun is when you change your perspective: you can be any-thing/where/time you feel like

be the queen of fucking everything-till you change your mind



Dawkinson said...

i am a QOFE! that will not change. It is just that holidays have this morbid effect on my otherwise pleasant and colorful, lighthearted nature, baby!
(i have the right to bitch all i want in my own 'house'. i am not imposing my foul mood to anybody. I know when to protect my friends and retire. but you had the bad luck to drop by and now see what you got... :(
today i will make up to you though!


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