Monday, September 26, 2016

fractals of the eternal return

The shark
and its primal circumbulation; choreographed by hunger.
The moth
and the enchanting spiral; death by extreme beauty.
The bee
and its binge-drinking; epicurian by addiction .
The killer
and his rebound for the fix; self-indulgence by destruction.
The sculptor
and his desire for raw materials; to mold and molest into admiration
(copy-paste last, for selfish lover.)

The poet,
a lucky bystander struck by a sudden meaning
that haunts her with the delusion to become her own god for the day. .
At first with a shark's frenzy, then a moth's blind passion for light, 
then a bee's addiction for nectar, then a killer's fixation with his locus delecti, 
then a narcissist's method of self-help.

And all at once, it all stops;
from sudden death, unexpected rapture, 
fear of failure, or simply falling out of love.

A poet always returns to the poem,
-again and again and again-
seeking closure.
And then she abandons it in a field of words
for the next meaning that happens to happen.

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