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Keiner Hilft Keinem

The Lord Jim Lodge is an art group (or self-proclaimed "secret society") founded by Austrian contemporary artist Jörg Schlick, together with Martin Kippenberger, Albert Oehlen, and Wolfgang Bauer.

An anecdotal story regarding the Lodge's formation involves a cardboard box that was passed around Berlin's Paris Bar one night. Anyone who deposited a small fee into the box was made a lifetime member.

The logo consists of a sun (Sonne), a pair of breasts (Busen), and a hammer. It was incorporated into some of the works of various member artists, including Schlick and Kippenberger. The group's declared goal was to make the logo "more well known than that of Coca-Cola". The logo featured prominently in Kippenberger's self portraits and the METRO-Net project, a series of mock-up subway entrances for a fictitious worldwide transport system.

The official slogan of the group is "Keiner Hilft Keinem" ("Nobody Helps Nobody"), sometimes in the form of the acronym 'K.H.K.' (or 'N.H.N.').

The official magazine of the Lord Jim Lodge, 'Sonne Busen Hammer', was first published in May 1991. There were 14 issues published until 1996 (#1 - #15; issue #8 was never released). The #2 issue is entitled Die Jubiläumsnummer ("Jubilee Issue").

In December 2005, Jörg Schlick sold the trademark rights for the name and logo to the Austrian group monochrom. The group investigated possible infringements of the trademark and is interested in "starting franchises".

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unusual thing

What an unusual thing 'tis
To encounter such a soul there.

being the space which
through a strange neglect

Permeated the soul,

That it,
in turn,
was permeated with dripping raindrops

which dripped through
because the journey

Neglected wetness;

Because the journey was undertaken in such a manner

That the sound of dripping rain
was lost in the music.

By I.K.Osokin

the unified field theory and the practice of life

Martin Kippenberger

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poetry = science

'to see the world in a grain of sand
and heaven in a wild flower
to hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
and Eternity in an hour'

(An undeliberate monumental elegy to science by William Blake, a mystic who did not respect scientists at all. In the long run, poetry and science are actually driven by the same force: the need for transcendental exaltation away from the instantaneous, insignificant and meaningless self)


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