Sunday, April 26, 2015

2h walk

 the neighborhood. With the patina of time (that is so much Roman and so utterly dignified) and the patchworks of different tones of terra-cotta. Always a terrazza on the top to remind you the one in 'La Grande Belezza". Do not look down though. There is garbage everywhere.

A beautiful, ten meter eucalyptus tree with a trunk as white as old bone, in the middle of one of the innumerable parks, also full of garbage. I will never forgive the Romans.

A classy local caffe that becomes the pitstop for caffeine and alcohol and a bite of something delicious. Hope is looking to you in the eye. Give him a bite and he will guard in return the area from trespassers. No? You can't blame a do for trying.

The bills that are too photogenic and they do not stop to amaze me. In Athens, a delicious sandwich, a beer and a coffee would cost double, at least. I will never forget the Greeks.

The painting that are on the ceilings of all the buildings, in the manner of Michelangelo. Some habits die last.

A little piazza from the beginning of 19th century that feels like a baroque hallucination in a Disneyland for grown ups. Real people live here. Really. They do.

Just another entrance of a four story apartment building. What's to see here?

Yes. Just like paintings, chandeliers overflow the houses and can be seen decorating the streets, everywhere.

Just another passageway, nothing to write home about.

A street market of all things old, new, artisan, second hand, edible. From white truffle paste, to hundred year old antique furniture, to the most amazing new hand-made suede bag I have ever seen in my lifetime. I left it behind with a pain in the heart.

An old, run-down villa hiding behind rich foliage, in the middle of an enormous public park. And as you think that it is nowadays uninhabited and abandoned, you notice curtains hanging on the open window and a table with four chairs placed in the middle of its overgrown garden. A scene from "Great Expectations" a la romana.

Arcadic gazebo, in the middle of a mystical park. The unicorn is late in yet another scene of lyrical overload.

An cunning old guy photo shooting an innocent young girl, or a photographer and his model at work.

'Dejeuner sur l' herbe', large scale. VERY large.

One block complex with gardens. Originally a nunnery, now a nunnery and an old people's home at the same time, where the nuns are practicing their ideals and are true to their beliefs. One would hope that this will give a nice idea to some greek orthodox counterparts in times of crisis.

All this and much more fit into a two hour walk in the city.  Maybe the most beautiful city in the world, whose beauty its permanent inhabitants seem to take so much for granted, that they do not think twice before filling the generous public spaces with trash.

P.S. Romans, except garbage bins, they also don't appear to use much their turn signals. Just so you know.

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