Friday, May 15, 2015


Τhis is not happening. No matter what statistics say, I am sorry,
But I have only faith in my senses. How can numbers tell a true story?
And I know what I know, so it is not happening, their calculations
Are lies, fictitious distortions, control methods, monstrous manipulations.
Life is wonderful, with blue skies, sunsets and birds singing of beauty.
Nothing bad is happening but a magical reality and it is our duty
To say that everything's hunky dory and that our life suits us fine!
In my understanding their estimations don't count and hope is all mine
Numbers are made for car plates, pass-codes, sudoku and doorways.
Not for boats stuffed with souls floating Europeways.
That is just a miscalculation, misinformation, political extortion
Urban myth, non-government organizations' gross distortion.
The seas are clean, and ready for the holidays. I see no floating body,
I play with my children all the time at the beach, ask anybody!
What if Syria is in war? Seriously? All that is away from us,
We do not need to worry. We must have fun, regardless the alleged fuss.
Please do not rock my boat, i am comfortably numb in the midst of all I own
And do not need to know more than what lies beyond my lawn
I am stressed enough already with the monthly payments of my loan.
What if Africa is on dire straits? Each one better look after their own.
Birds are singing lovely tunes about this life of mine.
All is fine, all is fine and all is fine.

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