Sunday, April 17, 2016

doctor, doctor

Νο, you, learned doctors, you do not know
If I should lie on my belly or my back, to feel less of the pain.
Experience of self is the only one way,
To lead you to the lowest of lows and from there,
To make you aware of what your body owns,
-The boundaries between aggravation and acquired peace-
The only way to know if you can deal or not, with this.
These are things you do not learn, or experience in college.
Let me unread you the books that deal with one’s pain
Let me un-practice the moves of exercise in vain
Fuck you all, the academically sworn to knowledge.

An injured leg is a painful limb that suffers a blast,
As such, a member suffering and surrendering at last.
An arm is a branch that breaks up under strain
A struggle, a labor into rut, do I have to explain?
Have you felt the pain’s repercussions in class?

Go to war, suffer defeat and experience a bust
Before you can diagnose anything, as fast and make cast.
I will not listen to any verdict that comes from you
As long as you are sitting comfortably in your sofas,

You, the painless, the well paid and the few.

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