Sunday, October 16, 2016

Dead du jour

Humans, monsters of habit
Sing the national anathema
for the 'one killing a day', on TV.
Αtrocity:Inertia/Time = Routine
(Think before you walk)

A small token for the industry,
A discount coupon for the pick up truck,
The rack of a thousand mayos.
Shack of the millionth mac,
Six-pack, jack frack,
Patriot act, redneck wack.
(Think before you yack)

Home of the impossible to hack open
that plastic wrap, or crack loose
A keep-off reach of children safety cap.
Wishing it were all as easy
As uncocking a Glock.
(Think before you mock)

Land of the free in the grave.
Lead in the head,
Sign of personal growth,
Malignant, by autopsy report .
(Sink before you cock)

Your daily prescription of emotions
Approved by the whoever-is-general:
1. Read about the dead du jour.
2. Get mad 3. Get sad 4. Make a vigil
5.  Forget about it.

Until it happens to you.
So then can forget about you, too.
Exercise, and sweat you all out.
The miraculous recycle of life.

The.38 caliber, highly decorated cranium, ornament of lament.
Now available in rings, pendants and bracelets, in adjustable sizes and a wide range of colors.

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