Sunday, November 12, 2017

post mortem

Be an asshole all your life
Be abusive to your wife
Be a bully to the neighbor
Never do your friend a favor.
Cause the less you are to give
The fewer pals for you will grieve
After you're six feet under,
done for good; a burried blunder.

When with earth covered and gone
None will ever feel alone.
If they've put up with you a lot
Dry-eyed they'll see you to your plot
Longing for the party after -in your memory-
Featuring the drinks and the savory.
Then, the usual mood, back in the hood,
For their daily quest for food.

Be as bad as you can get!
It's the kind ones that we fret.
For the more humane you are
While alive, you raise the bar,
But once absent, things reverse
And your kindness turns to curse.
For the ones you left behind
They're as good as sick and blind.

The fate of those ones you could heal
By your departure it is sealed.

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